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El Mona special education for achievement (M.S.E.A) is a private program of Dar EL Mona sharing their value of expertise in rehabilitation and therapy with the realization that Children with special needs have the right to lead a healthy life constituting of the suitable elements that matches their competencies and their potential and  being established within the parameters of Dar EL Mona Resort to provide the children with full accessibility to the hospital’s medical experts and facilities whether medical  or recreational.

Children who have physical, emotional or learning differences may struggle in traditional academic settings. Therefore, parents may find it beneficial to send their children to schools specifically designed to address the needs of children with special needs.

El Mona special education for achievement (M.S.E.A) trained instructors help students in ways that traditional school settings and teachers may not be able to. Classes are small, lessons specifically designed to address a variety of learning styles and support services provided are all designed to address these individuals’ specific needs.

Based on the results of the assessment given to the child, professionals are able to determine whether or not a child is appropriate for special education services. For those who are eligible, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed outlining a plan to meet the needs of the child which includes specific learning benchmarks. Children receive one or more classifications and an appropriate program of services to address these, whether they have a learning disability, attention difficulties, speech/language impairment or are on the autistic spectrum.

MSEA program is specialized in developing children with special needs as per the below segments:

  • Slow Learners – Boarder line students
  • Difficult learners- Learning disabilities such as children with ADHD
  • Mild intellectual disability
  • Moderate and severe intellectual disabilities
  • Autism

The programs  in MSEA include multiple rehabilitation services  that are being  provided within the treatment plans for children with learning disorders

These services are:

  • Assessment
  • Individualized educational plan (IEP)
  • Early intervention
  • Skill Development Session
  • Pre academic session
  • Academic session
  • Speech Therapy
  • physiotherapy sessions
  • Behavior modification
  • Independent life skills
  • Art& craft, music, computer and drama therapy
  • Hypo therapy
  • Trips and excursion activities
  • Vocational Therapy and Training
  • Physical Education and Training
  • Transportation


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