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Treatment Rehabilitation Exercise

Rehabilitation exercises help regain full function following neurological or orthopedic problems and involve restoring strength, flexibility, endurance and power.

The aim of a rehabilitation exercises program is to regain pre-injury levels in all aspects of physical fitness. A full rehabilitation and strengthening program is essential to ensure full recovery and in order to prevent re-injuries.

After consideration of the effects of the problem on the individual function and the expected rate of recovery, different methods of assessment are considered.

Dar El Mona Emphasis on selecting the appropriate measurement tool according to the individual’s level of function. Also, the need to measure the individual performance under different environmental constraints

The recorded measurement data are shown on a computer system using image processing software. A comparison between different measurements is immediate

Dar El Mona‘s robotic- and computer aided rehabilitation device includes:

  • A state of the art machine that develops the mobility that the patient requires, stabilizes the joint to perform angle specific strength training, strengthens using proven methods to enhance return-to-function and completes the return-to-function training.
  • A multifunctional system, it helps in the recording and the documentation of all relevant parameters.
  • As a whole-body measurement method, it unites several conventional back testing systems and saves the user a significant amount of time since all measurements are performed in a sitting position and it is not required to reposition the patient.
  • Our T bed with sensors network can get every single interactions therapist/patient and can show it in real time on the Computer.
  • Dar el Mona Gym includes a range of fitness equipment that has been designed or adapted for people with disabilities. Included is equipment for upper and lower body.

Rehabilitation Exercises may include some of the following exercises:

  • Foam Roller Exercises
  • Plyometric
  • Stretching Exercises
  • Knee Exercises & Knee Rehabilitation
  • Hip & Groin Exercises
  • Shoulder Exercises
  • Arm & Elbow Exercises
  • Wrist & Hand Exercises
  • Core Strengthen Exercises
  • Back Exercises
  • Pilates Exercises
  • Lower Leg & Ankle Exercises
  • Free Weights Exercises
  • Resistance Band Exercises

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