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Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive rehabilitation therapy program is designed to help patients with neurological or orthopedic problems and those who suffered from memory or concentration problems. The program helps patients to revive cognitive skills that were impaired.

Cognitive Rehabilitation Program Main Components:

  • Education about cognitive weaknesses and strengths
  • Process training in the underlying cognitive skills
  • Strategy Training (focus on compensating rather than resolving the problem)
  • Activities Training (focus on real life improvements)

After consideration of the effects of the neurological problem on the individual cognitive function and the expected rate of recovery, different methods of assessment are considered.

Dar El Mona Emphasis on selecting the appropriate measurement tool according to the individual’s level of cognitive function. Also, the need to measure the individual performance under different environmental constraints

Dar el Mona state of the art Computer-based physical therapy systems (virtual reality) enable patients to maintain their attention and concentration while stretching and strengthening their physical capacities. In many of these new systems, the program operates by projecting patient’s current image onto a virtual environment presented on a screen. Then, the patient will perform a given set of exercises, prescribed by the therapist, which are aimed to ameliorate their cognitive abilities while having fun.

The recorded measurement data are shown on a computer system using image processing software. A comparison between different measurements is immediate

Cognitive Rehabilitation Program Main Components:

Dar El Mona‘s robotic- and computer aided rehabilitation device includes:

  • Robotic- and computer-assisted therapy devices for fingers, hands, postural control, balance training as well as arm rehabilitation.
  • Therapy software that provides a portfolio for all phases of upper extremity rehabilitation as well as feedback- and measurement modules for different rehabilitation therapy games.
  • Interactive therapy exercises which focus on visuo­motor finger, hand and arm coordination as well as support patients with sensory-motor and cognitive impairments during rehabilitation.
  • Interactive virtual reality training exercises for lower limb function

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