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Balance And Equilibrium Program

Unbalance and disequilibrium may result from different neurological or orthopedic problems. The aim of a Balance and equilibrium Exercise program is to regain pre-injury levels of equilibrium. A full balance rehabilitation program is essential to ensure full recovery and in order to prevent re-injuries.

After consideration of the effects of the problem on the individual function and the expected rate of recovery, different methods of assessment are
Dar El Mona Emphasis on selecting the appropriate measurement tool according to the individual’s level of function. Also, the need to measure the individual performance under different environmental constraints

The person stands or sits on a computerized sensor board and the recorded measurement data are shown on a computer system using image processing software. A comparison between different measurements is immediate.

Dar El Mona‘s robotic- and computer aided rehabilitation device includes:

 A sensor-based rehabilitation device for static and dynamic assessment and therapy applications. It works on the improvement of balance and postural control, or active use of force and support activities of the upper extremities. Our combines the interactive training software and exercise games with the well-known benefits of a conventional wobble board.

 A proprioceptive systems linked to a personal computer that allow an assessment and a proprioceptive and postural training.

 Our TBED provided by a sensors network, which can get every single interactions therapist/patient and can show it in real time on the Computer. It helps in avoiding bed sores for bed- ridden patients.

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