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Mona Child Care Center (M.C.C) is the CSR program of Dar EL Mona sharing their value of expertise in rehabilitation and therapy with the realization that Children with special needs have the right to lead a healthy life constituting of the suitable elements that matches their competencies and their potential.

Dar El Mona has developed the MCC program  as it’s sole CSR project for child care in April 2015, being established within the parameters of Dar EL Mona Resort to provide the children with full accessibility to the hospital’s medical experts and facilities whether medical  or recreational.

The program is specialized in developing children with special needs as per the below segments:

  • Slow Learners – Boarder line students
  • Difficult learners- Learning disabilities such as children with ADHD
  • Mild intellectual disability
  • Autism

Today the program is serving 50 students with the above criteria each receiving a fully integrated and customized development and educational program.

The scope of work of MCC project entails helping special needs children in their educational development according to the merged program that was previously developed by the Ministry of Education as per the scholar year that they are in until they finalize their primary education phase. The program provides customized individual development treatment program to each child on his own via specialized educational tutors in the fields of:

  • Psychological treatment and development
  • Educational development and Academic skills ( Reading , Writing and calculating)
  • Speech therapy
  • Communication skills and social development

 The programs in MCC include multiple rehabilitation services that are being provided within the treatment plans for children with learning disorders.

These services are:

  • Assessment
  • Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)
  • Skill Development Session
  • Speech Therapy
  • Learning Disabilities Sessions
  • Physiotherapy Sessions
  • Medical and Psychological Treatment Sessions
  • Vocational Therapy and Training
  • Educational Skills Development
  • Physical Education and Training
  • Music Therapy
  • Parental Coaching
  • Other Services Such as Healthy Meal and Transportation

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