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highest level

To achieve the

of physical, psychological fitness and independence possible



Professor Dr. khairy Ahmed Samra was born on January 27, 1934. He was an Egyptian neurosurgeon and dean of the faculty of medicine Cairo University from 1988 till 1991. He was born in an Egyptian village Shyba El Nakarya El Sharkeya. Graduated from the faculty of medicine 1957, Dr Khairy Samra was the first in his class. He did his internship and residency at el Kasr El Einy Hospital and earned both his Master of Neurosurgery and M.D in general surgery from the faculty of medicine Cairo University. Soon after, Dr, Khairy traveled to the United States where he spent 5 years to complete his M.D scholarship in neurosurgery. He was a member in the American Congress of Neurology. He made several groundbreaking discoveries in the field of neurosurgery and published several papers. Dr. Khairy was the founder of Dar El Mona rehabilitation center in 1996; the first and largest rehab project for special needs in the Middle East. After one year of cancer struggle, Dr. khairy Samra passed away April 4, 1998 at the age of 64. Since his passing, Dr. khairy has received countless posthumous honors and his name appears on educational institutions.


At Dar El Mona our vision is to become the benchmark of excellence in rehabilitation in the MENA Region backed up by the leading and updated evidence based therapy. We are leveraging our resources and expertise while providing quality medical services.


At Dar El Mona our mission is to offer quality medical and rehabilitation services in a safe environment. We aim to give our clients the chance of achieving the highest level of physical, psychological fitness and independence possible, thus transferring our clients from nonproductive to productive persons in the community through highly specialized staff in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.



we honor our commitments to patients and community.


we are committed to both medical and rehabilitation excellence service by providing an outstanding experience for each patient we serve.


The team approach is essential to our mission. We collaborate with one another, other departments and programs, and with our patients and their families who are full members of the rehabilitation team.


Every member of our team, from physicians to technical staff to patients and their families, deserves respect as a full contributor to our shared mission.


We value and promote diversity with respect to gender, race, religion, ethnicity, and physical ability/disability.

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