Geriatric care program

A unique understanding of Geriatric care

Dar El-Mona Care & Rehabilitation Medical Resort is the first home-care program managed by a private institution in the Arab Republic of Egypt.  It involves comprehensive interdisciplinary medical, nursing, & therapy services in a simulated home-like setting. At Dar El-Mona, we assist in maintaining the mental, physical, social, emotional, & spiritual well-being of older adults, so that they can function to the highest of their individual physical & cognitive abilities.

Dar El-Mona family of staff is composed of experienced care providers that have served the needs of our elderly for decades. We are all rooted in a tradition of excellence in long-term nursing care, our extensive experience enables us to better respond to the unique challenges of geriatric rehab and enhances our ability to restore patients to the highest levels of form, functionality and independence.

When is a Geriatric Assessment needed for an elderly?


A request for a geriatric assessment is necessary if there are persistent or intermittent symptoms such as, memory loss, confusion, or other signs of possible dementia. Often, what looks like Alzheimer's or dementia can be the result of medication interactions or other medical or psychiatric problems.  Because of the thoroughness of the geriatric assessment, it is one of the best ways to determine what the actual problem & cause is or is not.  


What does a Geriatric Assessment consist of?


1.     An examination of the elderly current status in terms of:

  • His/her physical, mental, & psychosocial health.
  • His/her ability to function well & independently perform the basic activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, meal preparation, medication management, …etc.
  • His/her living arrangements, social network, & their access to support services.

2.    An identification of current problems or anticipated future problems in any of these areas.

3.    The development of a comprehensive "Care Plan," which addresses all problems identified,   suggests specific interventions or actions required as well as specific recommendations     regarding resources needed to provide the necessary support services.

4.    The management of a successful linkage between these resources, the elderly, & his/her family, so that granting the necessary services is assured.

5.    An ongoing monitoring to the extent that this linkage has, or has not, addressed the problems identified, & the modification of the Care Plan as needed.


Who performs a Geriatric Assessment?


Since the Geriatric Assessment is a complete review of the current status of the older person in all of his/her complex dimensions & because it is so comprehensive, it can only be successfully conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of experts, who all work hand in hand at Dar El-Mona. This team often includes:

  • Physicians
  • Physical &/or Occupational Therapists
  • Geriatric Nurse Practitioners
  • Dieticians & Psychologists 
  • Social Workers


At Dar El-Mona, the chief goal of our practice is to optimize an elderly’s ability to enjoy good health, improve his/her overall quality of life, reduce the need for hospitalization &/or institutionalization, & finally enable him/ her to live independently for as long as possible.

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