Brain injury rehab program

A Brain Injury may result in a change in neuronal activity in the brain that ultimately affects the way brain cells function.  Thus restoring Physical, intellectual Communicative, as well as Psychosocial & Vocational Skills are the focus of Dar El-Mona's Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program.

  The qualities that define an individual - memory, personality, behavior, physical abilities, & mental skills - are also the qualities that help to define the goals of rehabilitation for people with brain injuries.  With so much at stake, it is important for the patient to find a care provider with a depth of experience & comprehensive services to ensure leading the best life possible.

   Dar El-Mona Care & Rehabilitation Medical Resort develops comprehensive Brain Injury Rehabilitation Programs for inpatients & outpatients to promote improved memory, cognitive skills, as well as the patient's ability to transfer both physical & intellectual skills from the hospital setting to real life.  Dar El-Mona patients participate in community re-entry groups to strengthen daily living & social interaction skills, while upholding a healthy lifestyle through group leisure activities.

  The therapy format is prearranged to provide appropriate stimulation to increase attention span. Physical and occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists work both individually & collectively to help each patient cope with the unique effects of a brain injury

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