Rehabilitation’s principles and goals

To achieve successful results, Dar El Mona follows certain principles in   Rehabilitation:

  • To begin as early as possible (first 24 to 48 hours) following the occurance of the problem (stroke, trauma, surgery ......)
  • To assess the patient systematically.
  • To prepare the rehabilitation plan carefully.
  • To build up the plan in stages.
  • To include the type of rehabilitation approach specific to deficits.
  • To evaluate the patient’s progress regularly by using the Disability Rating Scale DRS.


Rehabilitation Goals should aim:

  • To prevent condition -related complications.
  • To restore lost abilities as much as possible.  
  • To improve the patient's quality of life. 
  • Promote re-integration into family, home, work, leisure and community activities.
  • To educate the patient and family about how to avoid complications.
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